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Safety by leadership

WHS Leadership

Several studies in the past have shown that when businesses address safety, health, and risk in their operations, they better retention rates for their staff, do better than the competitors, and are more sustainable as a whole. This shows that for a business to perform at the top level, they need leaders who are great in risk and safety management and must have a strong governance structure in place. Most times, it is all about leaders setting examples for their employees by showing that they are committed to safety and health in the workplace. It will take more than the leaders mere implementation of a safety plan or framework for the employees to follow suit. A mistake that most people in the senior management position make is to implement plans and framework without actually following them religiously themselves but expecting those in junior positions to do the same. This rarely works.

Safety Leadership

Leaders are influential people, and their actions can go a long way in influencing others too. That is why they play a primary role in any safety plan integration. The actions of a leader can be either positive or negative.  For the safety culture of business to be established, leaders must show that they care. By leaders, we mean everyone in management, from the supervisor to the CEO. This is why we work with leaders of businesses to help them become safety leadership that cares about their staff safety and health and are committed to creating a safe working environment.

In developing a safety strategy for your business, we work with the leaders as much as we work with the employees. Everyone from members of the senior management team to the most junior worker has a role to play.

We can help you to review the safety culture of your business in which we look at what you consider to be safe in your business or organisation, and if it is not enough, how we can beef it up.  Many workplace disasters would be avoided if the organisation had a robust safety culture; we can help your business with that.

When it comes to safety management consultancy, the experience is the best of all teachers. At West Coast Assist, we have all the required experience to transform the safety management culture of your business or organisation while also reducing any associated risks with your work operations and processes. We have experience with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, as well as safety standards OHSAS 18001, AS4801, and ISO45001. We ensure that we keep up with the latest standards in the safety and health standards and can help businesses transition to new standards whenever there is an upgrade. Our experience covers a variety of businesses in industries such as manufacturing, construction, government, utilities, health, energy, oil and gas, transport, white-collar, and blue-collar.

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