Know your business safety status

Safety Auditing

How ready is your business for any hazards? Perhaps you don’t know yet. Don’t worry; you are not the only business in that situation. In fact, many businesses don’t know their readiness for any hazard, and not knowing most times means not being prepared to handle it. At West Coast Assist, we can help you determine your readiness with safety auditing.

At West Coast Assist, we are experienced in conducting safety auditing and gap monitoring and analysis through which we can help you identify the potential for improvement in your business, and we easily help you to streamline the process and reduce the routine processes that can be updated while also lowering the risks involved. The goal of safety auditing is to help you improve the safety of your business processes and operations while also increasing profitability.

Our safety auditing also focuses on compliance, and we help our clients to identify the laws and regulations that apply to their operations and comply with them. We help you to determine if your businesses operations and systems are compliant, and if not, we ensure that they are.

Auditing your business for safety will ensure that you make the necessary preparations and plans to prevent any issue that will affect your business in the long run.

Safety auditing can cover every aspect of your business, from due diligence to property risk.

Why Use Our Safety Auditing Services?

Experienced Team

When it comes to safety management consultancy, the experience is the best of all teachers. At West Coast Assist, we have all the required experience to transform the safety management culture of your business or organisation while also reducing any associated risks with your work operations and processes. We have experience with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, as well as safety standards OHSAS 18001, AS4801, and ISO45001. We ensure that we keep up with the latest standards in the safety and health standards and can help businesses transition to new standards whenever there is an upgrade. Our experience covers a variety of businesses in industries such as manufacturing, construction, government, utilities, health, energy, oil and gas, transport, white-collar, and blue-collar.

Seamless Integration

When it comes to integrating every strategic safety plan that we develop, you can trust us to do it in the most efficient manner that will not affect the overall operation and only change it for the better. We are able to integrate seamlessly because we study your business or organisation before developing a plan, and we make sure we get the opinion of your employees and sample other stakeholders’ views. Integrating a safety management plan into your business operation is fixing a round peg in a round hole. After implementing, we also monitor and review.

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