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Meet all requirements on safety

Risk Compliance

Every business environment has its risks, and it is up to the management to put measures in place that will help minimise those risks. Risk compliance is a good way to do that. First, there needs to be a risk strategy in place.

We provide auditing services that will ensure that your business is risk compliant, and that will ensure that your organisation can prevent risks effectively. It is important to understand the risks that exist in your workplace so that you can have measures in place to prevent any hazard. Every member of our team is qualified and has the right certifications to perform comprehensive assessments of the operations and systems of your organisation. We use the details we gather to give reliable advice based on the best practice standards and the current legislation. Through this practical way, you can improve the modus operandi of your business while also ensuring compliance with the legislation. Through our risk compliance process, we ensure the:

  • Identification, evaluation, and proper response to threats and opportunities
  • Enhancement of your operational efficiency by adopting a proactive approach to risk management
  • Improvement of strategies to prevent losses
  • Expansion of your understanding of the health, safety and environmental rules guiding your business
  • Improvement of the resilience of your business, especially during the economic challenges


Why Use Our Risk Compliance Services

Experienced Team

When it comes to safety management consultancy, the experience is the best of all teachers. At West Coast Assist, we have all the required experience to transform the safety management culture of your business or organisation while also reducing any associated risks with your work operations and processes. We have experience with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, as well as safety standards OHSAS 18001, AS4801, and ISO45001. We ensure that we keep up with the latest standards in the safety and health standards and can help businesses transition to new standards whenever there is an upgrade. Our experience covers a variety of businesses in industries such as manufacturing, construction, government, utilities, health, energy, oil and gas, transport, white-collar, and blue-collar.

Seamless Integration

When it comes to integrating every strategic safety plan that we develop, you can trust us to do it in the most efficient manner that will not affect the overall operation and only change it for the better. We are able to integrate seamlessly because we study your business or organisation before developing a plan, and we make sure we get the opinion of your employees and sample other stakeholders’ views. Integrating a safety management plan into your business operation is fixing a round peg in a round hole. After implementing, we also monitor and review.

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