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West Coast Assist

We offer safety management consulting services for businesses in Western Australia.

If you need a safety and health consultant, who offers consulting services tailored to meet your business demands and protect your products, people, and business reputation, we are the one for you. Every state and industry has its peculiarities when it comes to safety requirements; we are dedicated to ensuring that you meet the highest standards within your state and industry.

Safety Auditing

How ready is your business for any hazards? Perhaps you don't know yet. Don't worry; you are not the only business in that situation. Many businesses don't know their readiness for any hazard, and not knowing most times means not being prepared to handle it. At West Coast Assist, we can help you determine your readiness with safety auditing.

WHS Leadership

Several studies have shown that when businesses address safety, health, and risk in their operations, they have better retention rates for their staff, do better than the competitors, and are more sustainable as a whole. This shows that for a business to perform at the top level, they need leaders who are great in risk and safety management and must have a strong governance structure. Most times, it is about leaders setting examples for their employees by showing that they are committed to safety and health in the workplace. It will take more than the leaders mere implementation of a safety plan or framework for the employees to follow suit

Risk Management

Risk refers to potential exposure to hazards and the consequences of such exposure. Every business and industry has its own risk, with some more serious than the other. You need to study and consider all the likely risks that your business may be exposed to and the likely outcomes, which could include death, financial loss, injuries, the effect on reputation, loss of business relationship and contracts, and lots more. By considering all these, you can make adequate plans on how you will manage these risks, and we help you do that.

HSE Management

Health, safety, and environment in the workplace are very important. In the right workplace, workers will see their health, wellbeing, and safety improve greatly. At West        Coast Assist, we can help you design the right programs that will engender health and safety in the workplace. With us, you can have a workplace where every member of the team works together to improve the health and wellbeing of the team by prioritising safety in the workplace.

Risk Compliance

Every business environment has its risks, and it is up to the management to put measures in place that will help minimise those risks. Risk compliance is a good way to do that. First, there needs to be a risk strategy in place.

Emergency Response

They say life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. The same thing applies to an emergency. It is what happens when you don’t expect it. But that does you can have plans in place to meet these challenges.

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