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This is where we'll announce the most recent quarterly additions to our Web site.  If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, then look here first. If you prefer use the Site Map.


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January 2009 to June 2010

  1. On January 14th 2009 I started work for WestNet Energy on the Dampier to Bunbury natural gas pipeline (DBNGP) as a Construction Right of Way (CROW) Access Officer. (See resume) This include OHS and Environmental work with on-job training via a 4WD full of OHS Policy and Procedure manuals and time spent with OHS Officers from WestNet and the pipeline contractor. Permit Officers and Supervisors also gave me lots of advice and tips. This include writing out Hazard Reports in large numbers.

  2. I loved the job so much that when it finished in October I went to IFAP in North Lake outside Perth and sat on a two week Cert IV course for Training and Assessment and when I passed that in November 2009, I then sat on a two week Cert IV course for Occupational Health and Safety which I passed all the assignments on 21/02/10. It was a $4,500 cash savings investment in my future!

  3. While applying for over 20 OHS WA jobs during March , April and May 2010, I spent some time building over 100 pages of linked OHS Acronyms and a OHS Glossary technical terms: http://www.westcoastassist.com.au/
  1. During March/April 2010 I worked this information into the first page of Google under a variety of OHS searches, sometimes getting a first or second line listing out of half a million other world sites with similar information. "OHS Glossary", OHS technical words", "OHS Acronyms" and last is "OHS words" Currently 28/4/2010 under "OHS words" my site is number 1 out of 518,000 world sites!! Unfortunately it is difficult to go any higher, so now the goal is just to stay on the first page as I don't have to be number one.
  1. All the above has increased my knowledge of OHS technical terms and acronyms in Oil and Gas, Construction and Mining which will be highly beneficial once I am employed again. To date I have studied for 4 months full-time and have been looking for the any opportunity for saety work for 3 months. Looking forward to getting back into work strangely enough!
  1. In May 2010 an advert called 'Wanting OHS work in WA' was placed on the right hand side of Google search pages using 'Google Adwords' (World and Australian searches) with over 4,000 adverts appearing and 16 clicks costing only $30 from possible job opportunities! Around 60 OHS keywords were chosen with the advert often appearing at or near the top of all other adverts. It was managed on a daily basis making minor adjustments. At least I feel I am being proactive!



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