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This is where we'll announce the most recent quarterly additions to our Web site.  If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, then look here first. If you prefer use the Site Map.


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January to December 2008

  1. Having taken nearly 2 months off (self-employed) work last year, to walk the Bibbulmun Track, I decided to document the journey to assist future walkers/hikers/trekkers. It is only when you are self-employed, between jobs or retired, that you find the time to take on such a challenge. Holiday time is not sufficient unless you plan to walk it in sections.

  2. This meant building a whole new sub-section to the main Web site, then incorporating in excess of 560 photographs in sub-set slide shows. More software to learn.

  3. Part-time this took another 2 to 3 months to complete, but it has been an enjoyable work in progress over this year, as I have slowly improved the presentation, with finer detail. I never knew how large the job was to put a descriptive title to each photo!!

  4. Then there was the diary that I had kept while walking the 965kms, except for the last week, which I always thought I would complete in Albany while I was resting for 2 days at the end of the journey. As it happened it took six months until I gathered all the photographs that were date and time stamped, and reconstructed the last section of the diary. As such it has more hyperlinks to the photos, than any of the previous diary pages - a benefit!

  5. Now that the Bibbulmun Track Website is getting a top listing under Google searches, it is time to move on to re-study Google Adwords.

  6. Having wound the Channel Management business back, I have decided to leave the information gathered for the next year or two, until I have finalized a new direction. I still have an interest but currently am searching for a larger income stream source.


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