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WesT CoasT AssisT News


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This is where we'll announce the most recent quarterly additions to our Web site.  If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, then look here first. If you prefer use the Site Map.


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October 05 to December 05 quarter

  1. Having destroyed the old FrontPage designed (market research) site the biggest challenge was to correctly list the new Dreamweaver site with all the Seach Engines. This has meant writing some XML code programs to assist in identifying pages and also watching with patience as the old listings slowly vanish while being replaced with the new site - not an easy exercise to contol.

  1. Back into Google Adwords advertising on other companies Web sites. Where we can't get number one listing on a Search Engines word or phrase search we at least have an advert at the top of the page.
  1. Still tidying up the Links headings through additions and deletions.
  1. Focus is now on the Site Map and adding "different" graphics to break-up pages
  1. The Portal news pages are now up to date and the plan is to look for specific stories to fill some of the more empty ones
  1. We have a three to six month goal of 100,000 visitors to the site which we will be carefully tracking with our statistics page. The more visitors to specific pages will encourage their expansion. We will keep you informed.

July 05 to Sept/October 05 quarter

  1. After a very slow and steep learning curve (with Studio MX software incorporating Dreamweaver) over the last 9 months, we have designed and launched - 11/10/05 - our new Web site, providing a news portal for channel management. It basically gathers as much of the news that we know about, scattered throughout the Web and places it in one location with all the necessary links.
  1. For the next month we will be tidying up this site and bringing it up to date in the portal news section, with the news items in date order and a six month archive section, which might end up being 3 or 2 months if it gets too large.
  1. We also plan to produce one page that has the latest news item from each heading, so you can see what is the latest news at a glance.
  1. Because of rising cost our hourly management rate will be increased from 1st November 05. This link will take you through to our Agreement page.
  1. Our next direction is to start our 2006 database update using Goldmine with the latest Perth yellow page phone book data on Technology based companies.

April 05 to June 05 quarter

  1. Every spare minute of the week has been focused on learning Dreamweaver, trying different formats and researching for current Portal information. It is not difficult to find but more challenging is what to include and what to leave out. There is a mental limit of 100 html addresses (files not physical pages) that we plan to work with by keeping current information updated.

  2. As much as providing a service by reading each page before posting it to check its relevance, the other benefit is keeping WesT CoasT AssisT up-to-date on the direction and focus of channel management in today's business environment.

  3. Fortunately with alternative sources of income we have had the luxury of traveling on this learning curve, although it has still taken 6 months to complete the majority of the Web design work with the end of July 05 being the "going live date" when we move this "test site" over to replace the FrontPage 28-Apr-2010 11:13s will be displayed after construction only.

  4. We also took time out to study in depth several propositions presented to channel manager software, but unfortunately in each case the overseas company could not respond satisfactorily to product, planning, sales and distribution questions. We can only act as an agent when we believe in the products or services we represent to the Australia market.

  5. Our apologies for not keeping the "Links" section of our FrontPage Web site up-to-date. The priority was to move forward and that was the cost.

  6. All Google advertising on the Net has been withdrawn until the new site goes up. Also any advertisements on individual pages have been removed as the new site is add free.

January 05 to March 05 quarter

  1. As with most businesses in Australia, WCA was in holiday mode re-charging during January.
  1. At the start of February we invested in Dreamweaver MX Studio to improve the layout and management of our Web site.  With well in excess of 1,000 pages of manuals to study, there is much to learn over the next few months.  We see a time frame of 3 to 4 months before the new improved site has been built in-house and uploaded to our ISP's server, therefore replacing this FrontPage site. This software was always viewed as the start of our learning curve and with over 27,000 visitors per month Dreamweaver MX Studio can now be justified.
  1. We are building a Channel Management Portal to provide a central doorway to all the scattered information about Channel Management on the Net. It will provide quick and easy access to current and past events with the benefit of being NON sponsored and therefore unbiased.
  1. We will attempt to keep the current Web site with it's news and seminar pages up-to-date in the meantime. Thanking you for your patience.


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