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WesT CoasT AssisT News


This is where we'll announce the most recent quarterly additions to our Web site.  If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, then look here first. If you prefer use the Site Map.


2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009-10


October 04 to December 04 quarter  


(Have an enjoyable Holiday Season - and thank you for your 2004 support or pending 2005 support!).


Most popular (old) pages are:

  1. http://www.westcoastassist.com.au/Perth_-_the_most_isolated_city.htm These multiple pages identify why Perth is isolated therefore adding reasons for using a local channel manager.
  1. http://www.westcoastassist.com.au/index.htm These two pages are the home pages basically identifying the business of WesT CoasT AssisT.
  1. http://www.westcoastassist.com.au/UCconflict.htm These multiple pages have always been popular under a search of Channel Conflict.  They will be replaced with a complete section on channel conflict in the first quarter of 2005.
  1. http://www.westcoastassist.com.au/channel_ managementaustralian_2004_olympic_ medallists.htm 
  1. This single page and the whole Olympic section is to AssisT West Australians to remember their dedicated sports people.
  1. http://www.westcoastassist.com.au/channel_
    These multiple pages are included  to AssisT searching for channel books on multiple sites - Amazon features the largest!
  1. http://www.westcoastassist.com.au/Original_ Affirmations_ V2.htm A personal original touch and with 90 affirmations in total, there are plenty available for the bottom of each page.
  1. The Ambit Sales & Marketing Australian Salary Index. Some interesting comparisons from State to State in Australia.
  1. All the above sites (used to) have Google advertisements at the bottom of each page to help offset the cost of advertising WCA on Google Searches and closely aligned Content Web pages.
  1. An archive series of pages has been added for those wishing to look up old information:

    2002/2003  http://www.westcoastassist.com.au/Archived_
    document_links.htm   This now leaves space for more current data.
    Studying site statistics for the first week of December 04 - to AssisT with decision making on an advertising campaign - in this first week there seems to be a lot more activity, but will it result in more business?

    July 04 to Sept 04 quarter


    1. Redesign of Web page layout.
    2. Additional channel management related Web pages added to this site include:

    a) Channel Management salaries in Australia    

    b) Channel Management Books

    c) Seminars and Workshops

    d) Channel Management Software

    1. Additional Olympic related Web pages added to site include:

    a) Australia's GOLD medal tally by world population

    b) Australian Olympic 2004 Athens medallists

    c) Olympic results for Western Australian athletes including historical results

    d) Western Australian Olympic Gold Medal Winners Athens 2004

    e) Western Australian Olympic Silver Medal Winners Athens 2004

    f) Western Australian Olympic Bronze Medal Winners Athens 2004

    1. Research and canvassing for business opportunities.
    2. Utilized the services of Peter McCredie from EarthCom Communications (9300 2200) to fully restore GoldMine software data, after hardware fault.
    3. Utilized the services of Computer Cash and Carry (9388 1202) to solve Windows XP upgrade problems.
    4. New Uniden dual station phone system installed to add functionality and improve service.
    5. Trial language translation of WCA Web site from English to: French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese. The correct fonts have to be installed from your operating system disk to read these languages on your screen.

    April 04 to June 04 quarter

    1. WCA's GoldMine CRM software has had a major update from version 6.0 to 6.5
    2. GoldMine e-learning course completed to refresh basic and advanceknowledge: http://www,frontrange.com.au/goldmine/elearning.asp
    3. Six monthly VAR update of  IT database for W.A.
    4. Discussion ongoing with suppliers.

    January 04 to March 04


    1. Additional Web pages have been added to assist overseas visitors understanding of the isolation of Perth and Western Australia to the rest of the country.
    2. Perth - the most isolated city in the world
    3. A 16 page PowerPoint overview presentation of (WCA)  is available via email request.

Commit 1 - We commit a person to prison, we commit a person to death, and then a woman says get committed - Steve Parish Original Affirmations V2

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