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WesT CoasT AssisT News


This is where we'll announce the most recent quarterly additions to our Web site.  If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, then look here first. If you prefer use the Site Map.


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December 03

  1. The majority of (WCA) Web site work has now been completed.  During the next 3 months the Webmaster will continue to add Channel site links and keep the site up-to-date. 
  2. Installation of a 512K broadband ADSL Internet connection has been organised to provide a 10 fold speed increase for Web access.
  3. Actively canvassing for new accounts from January 04 onwards.
  4. A range of Channel Management software sites have been added under "Links".

A happy and prosperous New Year to you all and thank you for your support in 2003.


November 03

  1. Search Engine Optimisation and Meta Keyword analysis completed on all Web pages to increase site visibility.  Major success in Yahoo and Google search engines.

WA mini map

Professional niche Technology Channel Management in Perth Western

FacT SheeT 1 - Channel Management thoughts

FacT SheeT 2  - Channel partner benefits.

FacT SheeT 3 -  Channel management - Local reasons

September 03

  1. This month we have linked to the Home Page a list of IT channel management - skills and competencies that we believe in.

August 03


August has seen the addition of: Added Web pages:

  1. A 6/12 month IT Channel Agreement with pricing - under (WCA) information.
  2. For those who prefer diagrams to words, we have included the IT Channel Diagrammatic pages- under (WCA) information.
  3. Also in the Agreements section is a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect W.A. Partners - under (WCA) information.
  4. An extensive Steve Parish "Affirmations" series of pages - can be located under site map, bottom right hand corner.
  5. Currently working on Channel Ideas which will be called "FacT SheeT 1/2/3/" and will be added under "Key Benefits".
  6. Brochure design is being formulated to leave potential customers with service details for further consideration. An Adobe version will be placed on the Web page when completed.

July 03

  1. This month was dedicated to further test selling our services through direct email communication and a gratuity offer..                                                                                

 Added Web pages:

  1. The IT Channel Encyclopaedia series of pages - under (WCA) Information.
  2. The IT Channel Diagrammatic pages - under (WCA) Information.
  3. The Equal Opportunity pages - added under (WCA) Information hyperlink.
  4. A multi-channel sales strategy change from AT&T in Australia - under the Links page.
  5. A link to Steve Bethell's home page athttp://www.prospectivemarketing.com.au - under the Links page.

June 03

This month was spent:

  1. Learning FrontPage software for further Web design, through using a book called "Step by Step" Microsoft FrontPage version 2002 published by Microsoft Press and a lot of trial and error along the way!
  2. Commenced marketing for new business products and services by sending out a test email campaign for feed-back.
  3. Revamped layout and colours of all Web pages to allow for a variety of screen resolutions and browsers.

May 03

A month of keying data.


  1. Gratuity offer of dinner for 2 to the value of $150 until Friday December 31 2004.
  2. Reseller company names have increased to 700 with a new maximum goal of 1000 W.A. businesses by the end of June 03.
  3. GoldMine V6.0 software will provide customer relationship management (CRM) while marketing and selling services.

Daughter Renya - Oil on canvas by She Garratt
Web site: www.kickarseart.com

April 03

  1. A month of learning GoldMine software.
  2. Business Contact Manager (BCM) now has over 350 W.A. IT reseller companies current details keyed in, with another 300 to be completed by May 03.

February/March 03

  1. Set up a fully function office with fax, phone and Internet lines.
  2. Started setting up  FrontRange Goldmine Web site   6.0 database, which will be provide (WCA) with software to manage reseller relationships.

January 03


      Business photo of Steve Parish

Steve Parish announces the birth of WesT CoasT AssisT - a Western Australian Technology Channel  Management consultancy based in Perth.

  1. The business plan is in place but will require revamping quarterly.

6:Limit - Never limit your expectations of life. Steve Parish Original Affirmations V2

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