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Channel Conflict

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January to June 2005
April 19, 2005
Microsoft bolsters sales team to serve enterprise - Barbara Darrow, CRN Network, - Microsoft is bulking up its North American sales force in hopes of devoting more technical and business expertise to enterprise customers. But the addition of more direct-sales staff always raises the spectre of channel conflict, observers said.
May 2005
InternetRetailer.com - Squeeze Play - In a tough retail climate, manufacturers go direct online in a search for more sales - By Mary Wagner - Discussion article



Editorial: For services rendered
ARNnet - Australia ... D-Link and Netgear should be applauded for helping to define new revenue streams for the channel, their manoeuvres look likely to create some channel conflict. ...
May 26, 2005
How manufacturers` online stores can co-exist with retail partners ...
InternetRetailer.com - Chicago,IL,USA
But it does have its own online store, which makes it essential for the luxury goods manufacturer to work with retailers on any channel conflict concerns that ...
June 6 2005
New SGI Channel Program Enables Channel Partners to Build ... Silicon Graphics (NYSE: SGI) today announced it will aggressively expand its global channel distribution strategy and indirect sales model. This announcement includes the launch of the new SGI(R) Channel Connection program -- a robust sales, marketing, and technical support program that will enable channel partners to build mutually successful business opportunities in the rapidly growing low- to mid-range HPC market.

3 threatens box-splitters with legal action ...Separately, Jones looked to calm fears that its new direct sales website would cause channel conflict. He said there wouldn’t be any preferential deals on 3’s website compared to its channel partners and there were no plans to open a direct sales call centre. ‘We’re not trying to steer customers away. It’s not our strategy to displace our other channel partners.’

Jun. 10, 2005
Solution providers like Red River's Rick Bolduc are taking ...
CRN - Manhasset,NY,USA ... What's more, some of these solution providers say channel conflict from some tier-one players has played a role in the decision. ...
13 Jun 2005
Silicon Graphics aims to draw in resellers
VNUNet.com - Haarlem,Netherlands... It will also help eliminate any channel conflict. SGI is allowing resellers to pick accounts that reflect their core skills.".
June 27, 2005
Thompson: HP Implementing Policies To Ease Conflict
CRN - Manhasset,NY,USA
... a formal rollout of promised SMB engagement rules but instead should look for ongoing implementation of policies designed to ease channel conflict, said the ... He declined to give specifics on partner revenue except to say that about two-thirds of HP's $84 billion in annual sales goes through channel partners.
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July 2005
July 01, 2005
tips on conflict management
Rediff - India
... The addition of new distribution channels brings with it the potential for additional sales volume at the cost of greater channel conflict. ...
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August 2005
Vendors: Eliminate Channel Conflict Now .. So it's especially gratifying when a vendor really does get it, decides explicitly to move all its sales through the channel. That is the case with such manufacturers as NEC Solutions America and Panda Software, both of which recently decided to discontinue direct sales and work only through partners.
EMC Guns For SMB Dollar
CMPnetAsia - Singapore
... January. Koury said that in general, EMC has made much progress in the past two years in terms of reducing channel conflict. For ...
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September 2005
Sep. 30, 2005
Attach Rates Are Destined To Become The New Ground For Channel ...
CRN - Manhasset,NY,USA.. Solution providers have to look at all the options. In the end, this is a new area of channel conflict that will force much discussion in the next year. ...
November 2005
07 Nov 2005
Unipalm gives VARs direct reassurance
VNUNet.com - Haarlem,Netherlands... Viv Francis, EMEA channel manager at Check Point, said Unipalm was the first of its three distributors to take up the initiative."This is brilliant for us. ...
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