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Perth Western Australia

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March 2010

Occupational Security, Safety, Health and Environment



Total - 1,600+


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Health and Safety Management

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Construction Safety


Construction safety can be defined as the ability to manage the risks inherent to construction or related to the environment. Construction safety is not a dislike of risks; rather it is a commitment to clearly identify them in relation to construction operations, assess them in terms of quality and quantity, and then manage them.

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OHS - Safety Management System - WHS

A structured, systematic means for ensuring that what the organisation does is effectively managed to meet high standards of safety.


Short-term - Upskill my safety knowledge through completing more safety qualifications at IFAP allowing me to better facilitate the Introductory Training Course for Safety & Health Representatives - WA.

Long-term - Creating the largest Occupational Safety, Security, Health and Environment (OSSHE) vocabulary list of OHS meanings of technical words, dictionary, guide, OHS directory, database, glossary, acronyms for Work Health and Safety (WHS) (see Glossary and Acronym reference Web site) in Western Australia.


Vision: "Provide assistance with Occupational Health and Safety/Work Health and Safety consulting services to small business is a long-time goal, as many are unable to cost justify a full-time OHS Advisor.

We WERE for many years providing a world "Portal Channel Management News Service" to attract visitors to the WesT CoasT AssisT Web site (promoting our services), while utilizing this information ourselves for aligning vision, strategy, goals and objectives that WERE assisting us in achieving Australian Technology Consulting leadership status.

Channel Management We are no longer a Channel Management site. The future in Western Australia is Occupational Security, Safety, Health and Environment with all the multi-million dollar projects in the resource industry and the shortage of trained and experienced OHS personnel.

Eye For SeeingEyeFor Seeing

Does your company see the hazards and assesses all the risks in your work environments?

WesT CoasT AssisT provides locally based knowledge about the relevant W.A. Acts, Regulations, Standards and Codes of Practice.

(WCA) plans to assist in reducing your companies safety liability while improving your communication and company productivity.

WesT CoasT AssisT (WCA) plans to offer you this niche Safety Management consulting service, to reduce the cost of full-time OHS staff within your small business.

WesT CoasT AssisT plans to provide these Western Australian Safety Management consulting service for you:

  1. Staff training
  2. Motivation plus support
  3. New project advice
  4. Follow-up monitoring
  5. Weekly visits
  6. Joint communications to all staff
  7. Involvement in new risk assessment
  8. Staff safety promotions
  9. Increasing feedback from the workforce
  10. Opening communication
  11. Presenting a compelling safety proposition
  12. Backup services for holidays or sickness periods
  13. Feedback on local issues and competition
  14. Imaginative and lateral thinking
  15. Assisting with implementing OHS e-commerce strategy
  16. Audit managing of current system
  17. Health and Safety and setting objectives
  18. Managing change conflict
  19. Solving disputes to the mutual benefit of all parties
  20. Building trust and commitment
  21. Detailing action reports

(WCA) is reletavily new to the Occupational Safety and Health industry. Having worked in the computer industry in a corporate selling and management role we definitely have the people skills. This site will slowly change from Channel Management to OHS as time permits during 2013.

Currently Steve has a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and a Cert IV in OHS. He is planning to use these qualifications to eventually launch services for small business into the WA marketplace. Practical experience was achieved over four years of FIFO in Western Australia. Now is the time to further educate myself in safety and safety issues over the next two years.


4:Just in Time - Does "just in time" allow for their time, my time, or my client's time? - Steve Parish Original Affirmation v2

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